Friday, October 4, 2013

How To Secure Your Tombstones

We have had a lot of questions about how our tombstones are secured.  We have the answer!

All Tombstone Factory products, tombstones, signs and bases, come with two 3/8" pre-drilled holes in the bottom.

The holes reach 5" deep into the tombstone.  We do not supply the stakes because ground conditions determine what kind of fastener will work best for you.
 Insert 3/8" rebar or wood dowels into the ground with a hammer making sure the distance between the dowels is the same as the holes in the tombstone.  

When choosing between rebar and wood dowels, consider the type of soil you have.  At our house, we have thick clay and use rebar because the wood dowels simply split apart if we try to hammer them into our dirt.  
Then, simply slide your base (if you have one) and tombstone over the dowels!  

For those folks in extremely windy conditions we recommend purchasing 1/2" wood dowels and using those instead of 3/8".  When you place the tombstone on the dowels the fit is really tight and wind shouldn't affect it.  That being said, we must of course recommend that in strong winds, you bring your tombstones in, but replacing them is easy because you can leave the dowels in the ground.  If you choose to use 1/2" dowels, make sure you apply steady pressure when placing the tombstone because you don't want to puncture the exterior with a errant shove!  (We speak from experience!)

With our placement mechanism, you can get creative and fancy with the positioning of your tombstones.  You can make them uneven and cause the stone to lean to one side as though it has been uprooted over time by the shifting earth.  Lean them forward, lean them back - anything you can think of.  

Questions?  Don't hesitate to ask!

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